Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Divided Basket + A Tip

It's not my preferred mode of operation, but this month has me working on a variety of projects, with not much to show for it. In amongst the works in progress, though, I finally got around to trying Anna/noodlehead's Divided Basket pattern, and I'm a fan. 

Made with Carolyn Friedlander's carkai and doe, it was originally destined for a swap until I realized I didn't quite follow the rules of the swap by making a quilted item.

My bad, but luckily I still had time to correct my error, and at least I got to try a pattern I'd been wanting to try, and I love how it turned out. And it's much larger than I expected, so good to know.

One little detail I wanted to comment on, though, that being the handles. I really love the cotton webbing Anna used for her basket's handles, but I just didn't have the webbing on hand, so decided to make the best of things, creating a more than suitable substitute. 

I constructed a small 'quilt' of sorts - main fabric, batting, and backing - quilted it heavily, then cut it to the size detailed in the pattern for the webbing.

 From then on, I made the handles as directed, and I think they turned out pretty nice.

So I've snuck in a couple more small projects into my week, and you'll most likely be seeing them soon. I find that's sometimes my tack when overwhelmed by larger projects, but I really need to focus on the larger things too. Soon!