Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2017 Finish-A-Long :: Q1 List

It's gonna be a short list this quarter. And in this moment, I'm feeling really committed to both projects. In the short-term, my Seattle MQG improv BOM quilt top is the priority. I'm so tickled how some skinny improv spike slabs brought the blocks together in a way I'm really smitten with. I have a tentative plan on how to add a bit more to the top before moving on to quilting. 

My second work-in-progress is a Patchwork Forest quilt, using the Modern Christmas Tree block tutorial by Amy/Diary of a Quilter. I'm creating it from stash in my own personal favorite Christmas palette. I've got 24 blocks sewn and trimmed, another dozen sewn, and a bunch more cut out - not quite enough but close. I'd be happy to work on this quilt throughout the quarter, in amongst other projects, so that's the goal.

I really only had two other wips - both of which I gave away! One was gifted to a random winner on Instagram - and the other was claimed by daughter dear. How awesome (and freeing!) is that? So I'll stick with the remaining two and hope for the best.


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