Monday, December 5, 2016

Log Cabin Petite

As often happens as I'm pulling my newsletter together, I happen upon a design I have to explore further. This time it was the Quilt As You Go Log Cabin by Jera/Quilting in the Rain, posted on the Pellon site. Luckily, there was a brand new little boy that needed a quilt, so I headed straightaway to pull some fabric.

I haven't done alot of qayg, but it was perfect for this little quilt. As Jera described, it was "one form of 'quilt as you go' where a quilt is pieced directly onto one big piece of batting." Of course since the finished quilt measured just 33" x 36", it wasn't that big, which made it very easy to handle.

After sneaking a peek at photos baby's mama had posted on facebook, I had a hint at an appropriate color scheme. And I don't expect many of you to understand, but boy I enjoyed sewing with brown! It's been on my list for a while now, and this little quilt reminded me I need to set aside time to do it again soon.

Quilting was all done with irregularly spaced straight-lines in Aurifil 50wt 2370 [sandstone], a color I hadn't used before, but it added a softness to the browns while still tying in those greens.

Once the quilted top was done, I basted it to its backing and it didn't take too many passes to secure it. Jera provides a suggested quilting diagram and it worked perfectly.

So as this little quilt and its predecessor wing their way to their new homes, there's just one more baby quilt to make, then on to that Christmas sewing!